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Mamie plante

White cup candle

White cup candle

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Create a warm ambiance in your home with these hand-poured candles in minimalist-style white cups. This is a great unique and eco-friendly gift idea!

All candles are made with natural soy wax scented with essential oils. They will fill the room with a sweet scent without leaving toxic fumes.

The cups used are all second-hand finds. Although they are all white, the cups are a little different from each other and each candle is therefore a unique creation. By ordering online, you will leave it to Mamie Plante to choose the cup for you.

Depending on the size of the cup, the candle can burn for 25 to 30 hours. For maximum life, burn the candle until all surface wax is melted before extinguishing. This will avoid creating a tunnel effect. If necessary, turn the candle upside down between uses to trim excess wick (keep at least 5mm of wick). This will allow for better lighting for next time.

Do not leave the lit candle unattended.

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