Meet Granny Plant

Chloé, by her real name, has been a nature lover since a young age. Since 2018, she has been making her soaps and some other homemade products with the aim of using products that are healthy for her body and the environment. Her connection to nature was deepened after a six-month backpacking trip abroad. Returning to Quebec, Chloé decided to dedicate herself to a simpler lifestyle closer to nature. She then settled in Mont-Tremblant and combined her passions for manufacturing natural products and ecology by creating Mamie Plante. Through this small business, Chloé wants to offer people quality products that are healthy, both for their health and for that of our planet. She also wishes to restore its fair value to craftsmanship and local production. Chloé is currently carrying out studies in herbalism with the aim of carrying ancestral knowledge on medicinal plants and integrating this into the composition of Mamie plant products.